Portrait of Dr Peter Tun

Dr Peter Tun

Dr Peter Tun was an associate specialist in neurorehabilitation at Reading’s Royal Berkshire Hospital. He passed away on Monday 13 April 2020.

Having arrived in the UK from Burma in 1994, Dr Peter Tun had worked at the hospital for more than 21 years. 

Said to have been an extremely well-loved and committed colleague who always ‘presented a smiling face to the world’, Dr Peter Tun is remembered to have had ‘the necessary compassion, respect and knowledge to help support the clinical needs of people with severe neurological disability’.

Despite not having the proper protective equipment, he continued to work and look after his patients during the COVID19 pandemic. His son said, “They [NHS workers] did not get into the profession to die a hero in battle. This is why he was a superhero to us. He was scared and still went in to help strangers, completely knowing the risk.” He added, “thank you for everything to all the heroes.”

Our thoughts are with his family.

We will remember Dr Peter Tun.

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